An oasis of nature and relaxation in the heart of Salento

Relax… the holiday of sea, art and tradition of Salento

Situated close to the ionic coast, the holiday-farm-house “Le Grancìe” is few kilometres far from Porto Cesareo and its beaches. It’s an evocative territory, where rural, flourishing and very wide sceneries lie beside to coast ones which appear sometimes smooth and sandy, sometimes wilde and rocky. The pecularity of place is due to the assorted beauty of the natural landascape, admiring both the land and sea, to the prodigious artistic and architectural heritage typical of the city and of small town centres, respecting the culture and folk traditions which pervade ordinary life. The geographic position of the the holiday-farm-house “Le Grancìe” and its closeness to main direction managing-lines of roads make any destination easily attainable: the close Ionic coast and the famous places P .Cesareo, Porto Selvaggio and Gallipoli; the extreme end of Santa Maria di Leuca, the bridge “Ciolo“; the adriatic coast with its seaside places Tricase, Andrano, Castro, Santa Cesarea, Otranto. Let’s think of Lecce and other cities of art like Maglie, Galatina and Nardò.